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Jim Staples Consulting helps small-to-midsized professional services firms retain, grow, and acquire clients through better marketing and business development.

Philadelphia, PA

51 Hunters Lane

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It’s the combination of teaching and marketing.

"I used to think that I’ve had two separate careers: one as a high-school teacher, coach, and administrator, and one as a marketer. I now see them as blended, and that my role is to teach professional service providers how to go to market effectively and how to bring in business. This combination of skills is, to my knowledge, unique. I know how to listen, take different approaches depending on the firm or individual, and use warmth and humor to get even the most introverted subject matter expert to see that regular marketing and the skills of business development are manageable and can fit into the ebb and flow of every professional’s week." - Jim Staples, Principal, Jim Staples Consulting

Comfortable with complexity and ambiguity, Jim is a key advisor to a management team. He has a positive, collaborative leadership style, and outstanding written and oral communication skills.

Marketing Partner Testimonial

"At a recent partners’ retreat, we decided to focus on being more intentional and organized in our marketing and business development work. When we called a consultant about CRM systems, he recommended Jim Staples as someone he knew and trusted, who could help us think about, develop, and carry out a comprehensive marketing and business development plan. We contacted Jim and ever since have benefited from his years of experience in law firm marketing, excellent interpersonal skills, and his practical approach to the work. He helped us create and implement achievable annual marketing and business development plans, find and implement a good CRM system, hire and train a marketing coordinator, build a new website, and train our lawyers to be better business developers.

 Even though our marketing coordinator has taken over all of the day-to-day work, we still talk to Jim periodically about strategy, annual plans, and future initiatives. I would highly recommend him to other law firms and professional services firms who find themselves where we were a few years ago."

Erik D. Spykman, Partner and Former Chair of the Marketing Committee,    Stuart + Branigin, Lafayette, Indiana